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Don’t be fooled

If you believe the error that in order to be saved that you must…

do sacraments

perform penance

be water baptized

partake of holy communion

go through church confirmation

or do any deeds at all to merit salvation

…then you believe in a false “works-salvation gospel”
and you are NOT saved!


You cannot be saved by doing works to add to the work Jesus did on the cross to save you. Jesus did all the work to save you and any attempt to add to that is an insult to Him.

If you seek to do something to save yourself besides wholeheartedly believing in Jesus to save you, then you are seeking to become your own savior as another besides Jesus.

To be saved you must place your entire and undivided trusting faith in God solely through His Son Jesus Christ as your only Savior and source of salvation. If not, then He is not your Savior at all.


It is hopeless to divide your faith with self, church, other things or other people and expect that Jesus is truly the Savior in whom you trust. Therefore, abandon trust in all else and place your complete confident faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ to save you and to change your life.























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