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Scriptural Encouragement

Does Christ Himself ask us to like Him on Facebook?

by Theodore Wright.

This unusual image, shown below, was posted on Facebook by ChristiaNet… http://www.facebook.com/ChristiaNetcom


Excuse me, but I feel that I have to ask…

Does our Lord Jesus Christ ask us to “Like” Him on Facebook if we accept Him? Does He expect us to give Him such “kudos” in social media in order to accept Him?

My dear friends, please be certain that we cannot receive Jesus by simply approving of Him by electronic means! Is this some other gospel here? Salvation through Christ by Facebook?

There is no other gospel. Christ Jesus is accepted by faith.  Faith solely in Him.  He is not received as your Savior by liking Him on Facebook!



If you want to “Like” Jesus in Facebook, that is fine.  Please do not think it is Christ Himself who asks you to do this, though.

Perhaps yet this image’s words are some kind of San Fernando Valley Girl talk.. “I FORGIVE YOU, LIKE, IF YOU ACCEPT ME!”.  If anyone, by any chance, came to this conclusion after reading this image, please know that Christ’s forgiveness of mankind was paid for all of us at the cross with His precious blood. We can only receive that forgiveness if we accept that forgiveness by accepting Jesus by faith.  Still, the forgiveness is already there to receive whether someone accepts Jesus or not.  If that existing forgiveness is not received by accepting Jesus, neither will it be applied personally to us.

For all the ploys we have seen to gather clicks to “Like” someone’s post on Facebook, this has gone to a serious low point when confusion like this gets presented by those who call on the name of Jesus.  While we find that gathering attention to the Christ and the gospel a good thing, in general, but we must be careful how we present the gospel and Christ Himself. When those reputed to be Christians will go as far as to promote perversions of the gospel, it is certainly not for Christ’s glory nor His true service. It appears that Christianet is only promoting a man’s own selfish interests by speaking falsely as Christ.

ChristiaNet’s post also links to their Salvation quiz of 25 questions at http://www.christianet.com/bible/salvation.htm .  Somehow, I do not feel very motivated to take this quiz which at the time of this post their page also advertised “Free Christian Dating”.

I am sure it was not the intention of ChristiaNet to distort the gospel.  Yet, we do need to be careful.

Test all things; hold fast what is good. – 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (NKJV)


Still, I do wonder if the agenda of ChristiaNet is really to move forward the gospel.

I find this site as much more commerically oriented than Christian with the mix of links I find on their site…

Diabetic Recipes

Syrian Refugees & JESUS

Meet Christian Singles

Business Opportunity

Chat with Local Singles

Free Bible Study

Arthritis Pain Relief

Bad Credit Loans

Bankruptcy Avoidance

Buy Gold & Silver

Cholesterol Treatments

Church Furniture

Debt Management

Hawaii Vacations

Menopause Treatments

Personal Loans

Small Business Loans

Structured Settlements

Work From Home

Not that I have any objections to Christians doing business.  I do find problems, though, when methods of advertising hit extremes and religious excess such as ChristaNet does. 


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