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The long wait for God’s mission move

by Theodore Wright.

I had waited many years for God to direct my wife and I about His call for us to go the Philippines to win souls. This was so well confirmed to us by God a number of times for many years. Still, we waited for God while so many matters happened in life that we could not go. God’s timing for this trip was not yet but God never told me what His timing was. God did reveal to me, though, that I would know the time for us to go came when a born-again believer in the Philippines, whom I personally knew, asked us to come. This is something God forbade me to force to happen and had to be asked of me personally. He also did not permit me to tell anyone else about it. So, the wait went on a long time.


After 23½ years, subsequent to our first trip together, we were still waiting on God’s call to us in 2015. I had studied the Philippine dialects of Tagalog and Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) for those many years. We had four children since the first time we went to Manila and Iloilo in 1991 in our early marriage. I had made decisive contacts in the Philippines back in 1991, yet so much time had gone by since then.

The Lord spoke to me very quietly during the times mentioned in my testimony “The Lord speaking in a still small voice“. He spoke to me, “If you want to go to the Philippines, you need to share my word NOW.” Though, I knew from the Lord about His call for us to the Philippines for many years, this was the first time I actually heard Him speak to me clearly regarding it. This lead to my sharing the gospel at my old college campus mentioned in my testimony titled “The man with the blue bag“.


One day after this, I went to my computer and looked up on the internet a friend of mine in Iloilo named Pastor Ramón. I read about his advance in ministry and saw a picture of him, distinguished with his silver hair. I said, “Oh, he is old now.” I paused then I continued to say, “And so am I.” Though I was still only 53 years old, a lot of years past. Right there at my computer, I broke down and silently wept. I felt that it had been too long of a wait for me. I looked up to Heaven and prayed in Jesus’ name, “Lord, it has been 23 and a half years since we have been in the Philippines. Does anyone still even remember me there?


A moment later I heard a voice saying to me, “Are you ready to give it up now?” Oooo, I found that tempting since my dreams of missions to the Philippines were apparently busted just at that time. Yet I said, “No, I will still stay at it for a while. Actually, I will probably be doing this for the rest of my life.” I felt like such a fool at that moment. I had been studying dialects and preparing for missions to the Philippines for so long it had become a lifestyle for me and I just could not give it up even at the worst of this. How pitiful and pathetic I felt about myself. Still, because I now just looked at how I was just spoken to by the Lord, I realized I was being tested. Awakening to this, I said in the next moment, “Yes, I will be doing this for the rest of my life.” So I held onto that small sliver of hope.


The next day, would you believe it? THE NEXT DAY! I received Facebook chat from Bing, a cousin of my wife, in Iloilo. I recently found out she became born-again. I did not commonly receive chats from there. She chatted me saying that she remembered us when we were last in the Philippines. I had my serious doubts about this, so I chatted seriously, replying, “We were in the Philippines in 1991. That means you would have been about four years old at that time.” Bing echoed, “Yes, I was four years old.” I was encouraged by this.


During these days, the Lord speaking in a still small voice turned into silence. I came to wife and asked her, “Have you heard from the Lord about anything lately?”. She replied, “No”. I then said, “Neither have I.”. This is not usual for us since we have, for so long, been used to hearing much from God praying solely in the name of His Son Jesus. I continued then saying, “But I have known something from the Lord for sometime now. I know from Him that when the time comes that He gets quiet that He is about to do something big. But what that big thing is, I don’t know. But also when He does this we will be saying, ‘Oh of course! We knew this all along!’“.


How come it was that I did not see this was coming after all this time? Just two days after Bing contacted me, fuel prices dropped sharply and the price for fare for airplane flights to the Philippines dropped to less than half with certain Chinese airlines. When I saw this on the computer screen and was considering what I had just read, I received another message from Bing telling me that plane fares to the Philippines had discounts now. She asked me again for us to come to the Philippines. This happened only two days after the previous message from Bing. I knew right that moment the time was truly here. I could have replied saying so much but merely typed saying “Salamat” meaning “Thank you”.


I immediately messaged my wife about this. She chatted me back, asking me to look into this. I examined this further and found that this was so, therefore, I messaged her back one word, “Feasible.” Suddenly, we also had access to money we did not have before. We booked the flights immediately and then flew, just 2 months later, to Manila and Iloilo.


It was only a short trip of 15 days in the Philippines. However, the Lord showed me when I went to my old college campus, having an opportunity to share His Word there, that He was able to use His people powerfully in a short amount of time.

In the Philippines, we testified of the Lord there and personally led 18 souls to place their faith in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. These each showed their personal faith in Jesus by praying the Sinner’s Prayer. That is the work of God in our lives.



Further, opportunities have been opening up where we may perhaps be able to have a much longer trip to the Philippines. What exactly God will do, I do not know. This was an exciting brief time we had, yet the door now is open for us. Our prayers are for further opportunities to win more souls there for Jesus. It is in God’s love in Christ Jesus that we reach out to others. How much we miss friends and family there already.


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