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A carousel of dreams

by Theodore Wright.

The Lord gave me a number of dreams in my life which revealed things to come. Yet none of them compared to these which I mention here now.

When I was 13 years old, I had a dream that I was walking on a beach. On the left was a mountain and on the right was the sea with waves gently coming on the shore. Straight ahead of me on the beach was a tanned asian girl with short hair walking in the same direction ahead of me on the beach. She looked over her left shoulder at me behind her and smiled. Then I woke up. Although I was only the age of thirteen, I was still disappointed to awaken so quickly from this dream with the lovely Asian girl. So I said to myself, “Why couldn’t I have gone up to this girl and talked with her?”

I was mystified by this girl from my dreams for two years. Then, when I was fifteen years old I finally said to myself,“Who is this island girl?” Since I never met the girl, it was after that I forgot about the dream. When I was the age of sixteen, I started to meet and have friends that were Filipinos.

When I met the woman I married, who was from the Philippines, I did not recognize her as the girl from my dream since she had long hair and also because I did not remember the dream for so long. We got engaged, then married. After we got married, she grew her hair even longer.

Then one day, in early marriage, my wife tired of her long hair and decided to cut her hair short. She was walking in our apartment then and turned around. Suddenly, I remembered that dream like I had just had it. It was very clear in my mind. I recognized that it was my wife that was in the dream. I said to her, “Oh, I had a dream about you…” Then I remembered how long ago it was that I had the dream and continued speaking, saying, …when I was thirteen years old.” That was quite startling.

In 2017, I spoke to the Lord about what He said to me before He opened the door for us to share the gospel in the Philippines in 2015. I prayed, “Lord, you said that if I want to go to the Philippines I need to share your word now.’ Isn’t this something You wanted us to do? If you want us to go somewhere else to do missions other than the Philippines, please tell me, because this is something I understood that You wanted us to do.”

Days later, I had a lucid dream. Yes, I had a dream knowing I was dreaming. I spoke to the Lord Jesus saying to Him that I thought it was really great how He showed me when I was 13 years old who it was I was to marry. Then, the Lord spoke to me saying, “Ted, that is not the first time I spoke to you. Remember back when you were a child.”

The Lord then showed me in the dream when I was seven years old, creating play money with two friends, named Ray and Lisa who were four and five years old. We could have had any story about this play money. The play money had the name on every bill “Cool Island”. I believed that North was the way of the hill nearby. Since the apartment I lived in was to the East and their house nearby was to the West, the story was that these were two islands. A little Eastern island next to a big Western Island.

While still in the same dream, the Lord then showed me when I was eighteen years old, how I ran a role-playing game where I used that same story. Except, I wanted to name the bigger Western island “Cool Island” instead of the little Eastern island. Being older then, I considered that I needed a more mature sounding name for this island in the game. So, I changed the name to “Central Island”, keeping the “C” as the capital letter in the name.
Panay and Guimaras
Finally, the Lord showed me in that same lucid dream, the islands of Guimaras and Panay in the Philippines. This is the place the Lord called us to share the gospel and where my wife was from. Again, a little Eastern Island next to a big Western Island. I then woke myself up, since I knew this was a dream. I went to the kitchen where my wife was and told her the dream. She said to me, “Oh yes, and Panay is called the central island of the Philippines.” I had forgotten about that.

I went back to the bedroom and went to sleep again. The next day, I got up and lied down on the floor marveling. I said to Jesus,“It was set. It was fixed. You had this planned all this time.” Yes, I knew our call from the Lord from a number of details He had already shown. Yet, the details about when I was 7 and 18 years old being about the islands we were to do mission work at in the Philippines, I did not realize until then in 2017.

I knew my mother led me into the “Sinner’s Prayer” when I was 4 years old. Yet, I later became an atheist in teen years and later yet an agnostic in early adult years. I did not come to commitment to the Lord until I was 21 years old which was the time I commonly refer to as when I first trusted in Jesus. Still, it was when I received Jesus as my Savior at such a young age that God was working with me. I did not know during that time that it was God all along.




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