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Maverick Movement

Non-Denominational or Anti-Denominational?

by Theodore Wright.

Do you attend a non-denominational church that gives you a difficult time if you ever attend another church that is denominational? That is not what being non-denominational is a about. Being “non-denominational” is about not being a member of a church in an association of a name, that is a “denominational” or a named church.

Is a non-denominational church giving you trouble about attending another church? That is not being non-denominational, it is creating a denomination against all others. That is, in essence, is being an “anti-denomination”. Are you an anti-denominational Christian?

That is not what we are here, consequently. Maverick Christians are not generally attracted to denominations but may yet perhaps attend a denominational church. Still, we will not be bound by the denomination. We even may take denominational membership and give it up later to join another denomination! Being a maverick Christian does not does not mean we are denominational but it also does not mean we are necessarily anti-denominational. It is about not being bound as a Christian by any denomination, even an anti-denominational one. We are mavericks.


“Actually, I DO have a name. I am just not bound by a denomination.”









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