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The cure for CoronaVirus discovered? Could it be?

by Theodore Wright.

You would not believe what I realized when I went shopping in the supermarket this evening! I could hardly believe what I suspected but could it indeed be true? The cure for the CoronaVirus? Still, I thought it unlikely, yet, what if? Everyone was shopping for this but no one spoke a word about it. They could not fool me but I figured it had to be true, right? Would you guess it? I had to be sure it did! What is it? It is TOILET PAPER! Everyone was buying it and there was none left to buy off the shelves! What did people discover that they are buying toilet paper like crazy? Oh, nobody said a word but I would just have to figure this right?

O.K., maybe this isn’t true. Still, the news is announcing the buy out of toilet paper like crazy but still are they so sure the reason why? Still, I had to wonder the unannounced reason and people were not telling it. Oh, there were some guessing the shortage, but still! I may have to just pull off this page and you know why? I still don’t know how but is toilet paper is used to cure CoronaVirus. Do we use it just to wipe ourselves? If so, then the cure would have been found sooner. Do we eat it?!? Maybe, we are supposed to do both? Do I dare try?

Hey, why did CoronaVirus start? It seems to me that SARS started from Nigerians eating monkeys so I thought that the Communist Chinese started the CoronaVirus from eating monkeys. So, I decided to look this up on the news and what was originally announced before the Chinese were eating monkeys??? You guessed it! Sure enough it was from eating MONKEYS! The Communist Chinese were actually eating them! I wouldn’t blame all the Chinese but those CHINESE COMMUNISTS being compelled to eat what they can to survive! How revolting!

Would you believe that Communist Chinese were blaming us in America over this??? So, what are we going to say about this? This is like the old television show in the 1960s called “Get Smart” when Maxwell Smart used to say, “Would you believe?” Yet, it is true! China is sending this announcement. No, China is NOT saying the cure for CoronaVirus which they developed is toilet paper. IF the Communist Chinese actually found the cure for the virus, would they actually tell us? They probably would not even tell their allies even if they told their own people eventually. NO! They would prefer the Capitalist people and the whole world would die from the CoronaVirus they blame us for anyway, then conquer the world. So what if 90% of the world died, they would still conquer the world with 10% left, they must figure.

If toilet paper is NOT the cure for toilet paper, I still have not yet found any research denying this. Yet true, I have not found research yet acclaiming it true. Yet, have you found proven evidence that putting your trusting faith in God solely in Jesus Christ will not give you the forgiveness of all your sins and the free gift of eternal life? My suggestion is that you research what is the true cure for CoronaVirus (well, it might be toilet paper, I really wouldn’t know) but I can tell you for CERTAIN that IF YOU PLACE YOUR TRUSTING FAITH IN GOD SOLELY THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, YOU SHALL RECEIVE THE FREE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE AND THE FORGIVENESS OF ALL YOUR SINS…

And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. – Acts 16:31

So make sure your whole family places their trusting faith in Jesus Christ ALONG WITH YOU!




      Coronavirus ’emergency’? Oregon police ask people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper (3/16/2020)
      from Fox News

      Unconditional love and forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ




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