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Maverick Movement

Do church again in fellowships of Maverick Christians

by Theodore Wright.


Are you able to physically attend church these days? If not, then your church is likely more than 50 in normal attendance. With everyone returning then the church gets shut down for being too many. Small churches do not have this issue, yet this does not solve the problem. If restrictions stay in place and do not get lifted due to resurgences of the COVID-19 Virus then we do have a problem. Unless it is that you are happy with online services?

Are you looking for another solution?

If you are not happy with online services then a new solution will develop such as “home services”. This is, worship services run out of homes instead of church buildings. You do not need to be a pastor or licensed to do this. You don’t even need to find a denomination that runs this, just individuals led by the Spirit of God in Jesus’ name. You could even do this yourself. This would be to start, what is referred to as, a “Fellowship of Maverick Christians”. These can be quite popular. If the number of attendees approaches 50 in number, then you split the group in half and have a couple out of the group run another fellowship nearby out of their home. Under this model, evangelism and outreach becomes easier. (NOTE: Be aware if and when laws for home gatherings change.)

Yet, I do warn you that not all will like this idea. This is due to that there are many yet who are very accustomed to regular church building services. Yet, if restrictions remain, this may not be easily accomplished. The ones who will be most against this model of home fellowships are pastors, especially of those of massive congregations. Oh, they will scream! They will keep insisting to you that services will resume soon enough even when they cannot guarantee this.

Therefore, I urge you to engage in this new model of church fellowship and do not be isolated as believers in Jesus. Find where others meet. Other faithful believers in Jesus, that is. Hey, you might not even be required to wear a mask!










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