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Do not believe everything that you might have read elsewhere about “maverick” Christians.

We are Maverick Christians.  We follow Jesus, not an institution.  We fellowship amongst local bodies of believers and are not bound by legalism, man-made rules, nor denominationalism.  Sometimes we gather in homes or other places. We maintain the right, as believers in Jesus, to freely understand the Holy Bible for ourselves. Maverick Christians are not a denomination. We are an unbranded movement of believers in Jesus Christ, led by the Holy Bible as God’s word and guided by the Holy Spirit. We follow the Lord not bound by creed and have the tendency to resist the controls of religious institutions.

You may have noticed us already.  Some of us visit often to your local church and view us as church mavericks. Some of us regularly attend your local fellowship and have a seeming unique understanding regarding what is considered the norm.  There are those of us who do not feel bound to worship together on particular days.  It might not be easy for us to feel settled or at home in many churches.  Nonetheless, we are all Maverick Christians and have learned to recognize each other in our love and zeal for God wherever we go.  As Christians, we have various levels of commitment to Christ and with other believers as we grow in the faith, grace, and knowledge of our Lord. Those who lead among us do so by their example, not by lordship, as the Bible shows ought to be.

Historically, we have not been well understood, not been well spoken of, and even persecuted throughout the ages.  We have been known as counter-culturalists, reformers, even movement starters, having an understanding different from the mainstream and challenging what is esteemed as to be taken for granted.  Some of us have some simple expectations in what we seek for church fellowship which we might not easily find. Perhaps we feel that we are not getting Spritually fed well in some churches.  Other churches might exhibit more of the presence of God noticably.  We are told to “bloom where we are planted” but it may be that we have bloomed already where we were planted to only find ourselves needing a bigger pot.  We know we will not find the perfect church, so a combination of various fellowships may seem to work better.  Still yet, some of us are members in churches and are quite active in recognized positions, serving God and others, but still possessing a certain maverick mentality which has us at variance in some ways from what is regularly done in church denominations we may be members in.

Despite what you may think of us, since we have placed our faith solely in God’s Son Jesus Christ for salvation and abide by the basic tenets of Christian faith, we are Christians and part of the universal body of Christ. We are not maverick heretics, although some may wish to brand us as that. However, we are not branded, we are free Maverick Christians.  We think freely as individuals in the mind of Christ.  Mavericks are not loners but come together in herds.  We gather in homes, church buildings, or other locations when and where we do as we follow our great Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

To learn more about our beliefs, as represented by this website ministry, please see our Doctrinal Statement of Faith.

You may also see our pages on the Maverick Movement of Maverick Christians.


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