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Why must there be various denominations?

by Theodore Wright   The existence of various denominations with slightly varying doctrines disturbs many people even if they preach the same basic gospel. They think that if there were just one church denomination for everyone, the whole world would become a better place. If this were the case, God would do it. However, He […]

Watching a service is not attending a church

by Theodore Wright.   THE ELECTRONIC CHURCH? Have you ever asked someone, “What church do you go to?” with them responding “Oh, I go the electronic church!” You might respond, “What church is that?” They respond that they watch church on television or do the same with the internet. I am sorry to say that […]

Do church again in fellowships of Maverick Christians

by Theodore Wright.     Are you able to physically attend church these days? If not, then your church is likely more than 50 in normal attendance. With everyone returning then the church gets shut down for being too many. Small churches do not have this issue, yet this does not solve the problem. If […]

Who did you just criticize? The poor and unemployed?

by Theodore Wright.   He who mocks the poor reproaches his Maker; He who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished. – Proverbs 17:5 (NKJV)   Have you ever criticized the poor? Have you ever made comments or kept inquiring with someone who is unemployed about their state? Well, have you? What happened afterward? […]

Non-Denominational or Anti-Denominational?

by Theodore Wright.   Do you attend a non-denominational church that gives you a difficult time if you ever attend another church that is denominational? That is not what being non-denominational is a about. Being “non-denominational” is about not being a member of a church in an association of a name, that is a “denominational” […]

Have you taken the rosy path to destruction?

by Theodore Wright.   I know people who have told me about their faith saying, “I cannot change my beliefs! I have seen too much! I am totally convinced.” These are people who wish to convince me of their beliefs but are afraid to put their own faith on the line even when convincing proofs […]

The Barbarian Way and the Emergent Church

Recommended reading but please also see our comments. The Barbarian Way: Unleash the Untamed Faith Within by Erwin Raphael McManus Two thousand years later the call to follow Christ has been repackaged to be smooth and trouble-free, filled with opportunity and promise but lacking risk, passion, and sacrifice. Is this really what Jesus died for? […]

Jesus Christ: A Maverick

A poem by Joyce Johnson.   “Hate the sin and love the sinner”, This maverick King of Jews declared. He was like no king before him, And none could be to him compared.   “Let he who has not sinned,” he said, “Cast the first stone, should he so dare.” And all the guilty parties […]

Anointed Mavericks

By H. Robert Rhoden.   Mavericks have punctuated the Assemblies of God from its inception. The 300 people who assembled in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1914, were considered mavericks by many in the church world. We have made room in the Assemblies of God for people who color outside the lines. The classic story that […]

Herd Bound Or Maverick?

by Grant Phillips.   It seems to me that many people, if not most, are herd bound. Let me explain. If a herd of cattle is stampeded toward a cliff, they will all go over the cliff and perish if they are not stopped. They are herd bound. Each one just follows the crowd. Why? […]


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