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Which eternity is for you?

Eternal Joy
And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, And come to Zion with singing, With everlasting joy on their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness, And sorrow and sighing shall flee away.
– Isaiah 35:10 (NKJV)
Eternal Fire
As Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
– Jude 7 (NKJV)
Eternal Glory
For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.
– 2 Corinthians 4:17 (NKJV)
Eternal Torment
And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.
– Revelation 14:11 (NKJV)
Eternal Fellowship with Jesus
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.
– John 14:3 (NKJV)
Eternal Darkness and Sorrow
But the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
– Matthew 8:12 (NKJV)
Eternal Reunion
And I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.
– Matthew 8:11 (NKJV)
Eternal Remorse
But Abraham said, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are tormented.’
– Luke 16:25 (NKJV)



Scripture taken from the New King James Version.
Copyright © 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
Used by permission. All rights reserved.






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