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God told me to drink

by Theodore Wright.

That’s right, God told me to drink. Yes, to drink alcohol! I know that may sound kind of shocking to some people but perhaps you would be willing to hear me out on this.

It was in 2006 that I was walking down the sidewalk with one of my sons as a boy who asked me, “What is the difference between the commandments of the Old Testament and the commandments of the New Testament?” I told him, “Do you remember how when you were little I told you ‘Don’t go into the street’?” He said, “Yes.” Then I said back to him, “But later I told you to ‘Look both ways before crossing the street.’ After that I said, “Be careful when you are crossing the street.” Then I asked the question, “What happened to the old commandment I gave?” My son said, “It changed.” I replied, “That’s right. I would say it was more ‘redefined’.”

I continued by saying, “The commandments of the Old Testament are still there but we follow the spirit and intent of the Law now and not the letter. So you see why you don’t have to keep holding My hand”.

God spoke to me then and said to me, and I knew it was about drinking alcohol, “You don’t have to keep holding my hand.” I replied to the Lord saying, “But Lord, you were the one who took alcohol away from me 23 years ago, remember?” The Lord answered me saying, “I did that because you asked.” I said, “Oh, yes! That’s right!” I learned from experience that God does have a good memory even when I don’t. “So you want me to drink alcohol? If I do this I’m not going to get drunk.” I sensed the Lord quietly nodding yes. I said, “O.K. then.” God didn’t exactly tell me to drink alcohol but you have the understanding now that I was seriously encouraged by the Lord to do so.

So a short number of days later it was my wife’s birthday. Some of our friends, who do drink, brought some beers over to our apartment. So I opened one of the beers, one of the alcoholic ones, and started drinking it. I was asked about this by the next door neighbor’s wife, since she knew I didn’t drink. I said, “It is not forbidden for Christians to drink. I told you. It is a liberty that I chose not to observe. Well, I observe it now.”

The next day my wife told me that our neighbor’s wife asked her how to receive Jesus as her Savior. I asked my neighbor’s wife what prompted her suddenly to receive Jesus. She told me that she thought Christianity was all about keeping rules. She continued by saying, “But when I saw you finish that beer you drank, I realized it wasn’t really like that.” I suppose that my own taking a mere sip of a drink another time before was not enough to convince her. So I see that there was a purpose behind God encouraging me to drink.

I did continue to drink on occasions for a few years. It did allow me to go into certain circumstances that allowed me to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes a time when I was shown on a secular video that went viral on YouTube.com that actually quoted me telling the gospel of Jesus Christ. I still know I have the liberty to drink alcohol but it just simply is that, generally speaking, I don’t want to drink.

Do you believe that when Jesus was in Cana of Galilee and turned the water into wine, that He was actually only doing the miracle of transforming the water into merely grape juice? If that is the case, you simply do not believe the Word of God’s own testimony. Do you not know that the master of that feast said to the bridegroom, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!” Stop trying to turn the wine back into water.

I am not writing this so people use this an excuse to go out and get rip-roaring drunk! Getting drunk INDEED IS a sin and a lifestyle to avoid. I write this just so people may further know that living the Christian life really isn’t all about keeping rules. It is about living a holy and being in a right-standing relationship with Jesus Christ by trusting faith in God solely through Him.







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