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CB Radio gospel preaching: Don’t 10-26!

by Theodore Wright.


From 1983 until 1986, I shared the gospel on Citizen Band (CB) radio. I had various conversations on the web about Jesus with some receptiveness to the gospel. Not everybody was interested to hear the good news but there were those who were. When I later traveled across the country, the CB came in handy.

I remember one time there was a guy who was interested to hear the gospel but could not. He broadcast to me, “I want to hear you but all these Satanic broadcasters are steppin’ on you.” There were some unruly broadcasters on the air but technically they weren’t Satanists. They were worshippers of a pagan deity of destruction called “Abbadon”. Such as these could actually side against Satanists even though their allegiance is demonic. This can be seen in Revelation chapter 9 in the Holy Bible. They kept broadcasting over my gospel sharing shouting “Abbadon!”.


I pressed the mike button down and told the guy who wanted to hear me, “Hey, no problem! I command all of you stepping on my broadcast to leave the frequency in Jesus’ name! Get off the frequency in Jesus’ name!” Without taking my finger off the mike, I continued to share the gospel.


Only a short while later I let the mike button up. There was only quiet on the air except for the other guy I was speaking with. It stayed that way through the evening. Coincidence? I think not.


The next day, I went back on the air and talked on the same frequency channel. I heard one of the Abbadon worshippers talking to me. He referrred to me as a “white witch”. I told him, “I’m not a white witch. I am a child of the living God!” He told me that when he heard me commanding others to get off the frequency that he did not understand it but there was a force compelling him to turn off his CB radio. That is the power of God in Jesus’ name! After he mentioned this, I then proceeded to share the gospel of Jesus with him.


A final message to say is this… “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Don’t 10-26! (Don’t disregard the last message!)”









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