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Necessity of the Word and the Spirit ministries

by Theodore Wright.

The balance between Word and Spirit ministries is found through the proactive emphasis of both. This is the model for spiritually healthy and vibrant Christian ministry.

When the Word of God is misunderstood and misused to minimize the gifts and work of the Holy Spirit, dry orthodoxies develop. The “rules” become more important than the spirit and intent of God’s Word. Relationship with Christ may yet seem personal but turns less interpersonal with God. As if God may hear your prayers but He will not speak back to you. This can result in a dead faith.

When the ministry of the Spirit is done with a minimizing of the Word of God false doctrines and religious excesses can result. Believers may turn to a wrong spirit and follow every wind of doctrine and popular fad spiritual movement. Faith may become strong but will tend to be a groundless faith and turn counterfeit.

We dare not leave off either the Word of God or the Spirit of God. We need to be emphatic and zealous for both lest we drift away. Nations need to have breathed in them the awakening given by God’s Spirit and to be built up by the Word of God. Lest mere human understanding be the rule of the land. Without a strong basis of God’s Word and Spirit a spiritual vacuum develops inside. This will only be left to be filled with demonic and unclean spirits and worldly philosophy which is not after Christ.

Take heed and embrace the fullness of God through Jesus Christ.




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