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On the road up to Washington State

by Theodore Wright.

The Lord had previously told me in New Jersey that I was to go to Chicago and then a small town in Washington State. I was finished with the work the Lord sent me to do in Chicago in August of 1986. It was time to move on to Washington State as the Lord told me. In preparation for this, the two Christian brothers in the Lord I eventually roommated with in Chicago, contacted a friend of theirs in Seattle to help me with a place to stay as I was coming. From the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, I knew I was going to be three days late for something but I did not know what. I, therefore, sped along the plans to move.

My travels was from Chicago to Seattle from Route 80 to Route 90. The halfway point was the town of Wall, South Dakota. I had to stop there since there were all these signs along the way such as “250 miles to Wall Drug. The biggest drug store in the world!” I had dinner there, went to church in town, and slept under the stars on a clear night.

Before I drove on to Seattle, I did stop at Mount Rushmore. When I arrived at night in Seattle to the place my former roommates told me of, to my suprise, I found out that the house owner did not know I was coming. Although he would have been willing to put me up for the night, I declined. I went back to my car and drove off a short distance away and prayed, “Oh Jesus, I really need you now. I am thousands of miles from anyone I know. You told me to go to Seattle and…”. Then I suddenly recalled what the Lord had previously said to me. “Oh wait a minute, Lord!” I said, “You didn’t tell me to go to Seattle but to a ‘small town in Washington State’.”


I then drove south on Route 5 in search of where the Lord was telling me to go. I was not sure exactly where I was or where I was going. I practically got lost when I found the town of Eatonville, Washington. When I entered the town I knew this where the Lord had told me. In 1986, Eatonville was a small town which was 4 blocks by 4 blocks with the rest as countryside with a beautiful view of Mount Rainier. It was after midnight so I decided to wait until morning to meet the Assembly of God pastor there at the nearby church. I met with him, found a place to rent, soon found part-time work, and settled into town. The Lord put on his heart to begin a new initiative in his ministry which began about three days before I arrived.

I worked for essential needs but prayed three hours a day and read the Bible for three hours a day. The Lord was moving and the devil was mush. I would be asked to speak at Bible studies because was giving me His word to speak and quite a bit of discernment. Telling others about Jesus around north-eastern Washington State was easier when hitchhiking than done driving my own car.

I shared the gospel quite a bit and gave encouragement to believers in Jesus, to which there were many there already. I received revelation from God to which people noticed. Often when the pastor asked for testimonies before his sermon I spoke. He would tell me things like, “Well, Ted. You beat me to my sermon AGAIN.

One day, I told Pastor Bud that I felt from the Holy Spirit that God was going to shake up Eatonville. In His next sermon preached about the power of God and at the climax of his sermon a small earthquake occurred. Nothing big at all but noticable and quite timely I might add. I went on my CB radio that evening asking what the shake in town was that morning. I was told it was an indeed an earthquake and these happen there now and then. That was the only time I felt an earthquake there for the six months I lived there.

Near the end of my time in Eatonville, God said to me, “Ask me what you want.” I did not know what He meant at first but then I realized that God was going to answer the questions I had as I was seeking for the deep things of God. I brought to God a whole number of questions and about mysteries He had. He answered ALL of my questions but one. I asked him if one could lose their salvation or not. He did not say any reply to me about this and I did not understand.

At a later time there I told someone there about these things God answered me. The guy said to me, “Those are some very good answers!” to which I replied “But to the question I asked God if one could lose their salvation or not, God said nothing.” It was at that moment I realized what He meant. He said nothing! He neither said someone could lose their salvation or could not lose their salvation. The Holy Bible literally said neither. I discovered that salvation is a dichotomy.

The dichotomy… From the Heavenly standpoint it has already been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life the ones who are redeemed and will spend eternity with Him. From an Earthly standpoint, however, we have a choice whether to believe in Jesus or not for salvation. On Earth “we choose God (through Jesus)” but in Heaven it is fixed already that “God has already chosen us (or not)”. BOTH are true at the same time.

Many believers in Jesus have a form of balanced doctrine along these lines, but there do exist people polaric in their doctrine that will cling exclusively to one extreme or another whether one can lose their salvation or not. These are usually people who seek to be the darlings of their denominations or something similar. For more about this please see our page How to surely know you are surely saved.

I also asked God, “How does faith work?” Only a short time later God answered me as I was walking outdoors, “Ted, tell them what I mean by love.” I replied, “Well, Lord, you said in Galatians 5:6 that ‘faith works by love‘.” It was then I realized how faith works. It works by love. Faith works by love. It open my mind to whole deeper understanding of God and His Word. It was from this that the first five pages of the Pressurous Moments Storybook Collection were composed.

There are too many things I could discuss here and I am not certain that I even remember them all. Much of what I learned from the revelations God gave me I used for material for drafting gospel tracts and webpages. I use these as tracts still even now. I sold my car and flew back to New Jersey from Washington State and did write for quite a while. Shortly after, I met a young woman. A few years later she became my beautiful wife and have been married to her since. We have had four children together now.

So why do I mention this all? It is not as if I had experience the mightiest or most amazing miracles that were ever told. However, in Chicago and Washington State, God used me because I desired to know the deep things of God which I asked Him for. After I got to Washington State, what I discovered was the God of deep things.

How would have my life been if I stayed in the job I had at an insurance company as a Claims Examiner and did not seek the Lord and have the boldness to take this trip when I did? I would not have had the deepening experience with God as I had then and also further on in my life.

Subsequently, I did get back on a good career path as a Computer Programmer and also graduated from The Chubb Institute. I encourage you to press on for the deeper relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. You may not be so happy with settling for the shallow waters.




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