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The man with the blue bag

by Theodore Wright.

In 2014, I had the burden on my heart again to visit the Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF) of the college I graduated from over 30 years ago. Actually, I visited it 25 years after I was saved but I felt the Lord leading me to go there again. The campus had changed since the last time I was there. The college had prospered. However, I couldn’t find the CCF during my visit there in September, nor during my second visit there. The Lord still had this burden on my heart. On my third visit I waited. A newcoming freshman was there looking for the group but just as I, couldn’t find it.

I said to the Lord, “Three strikes and I am out” while feeling disappointed about it. The Lord was still yet burdening my heart on this. I talked again with faculty about this. I was then lead to another room where I was able to speak with the president, co-president, and faculty advisor of the CCF. I had the opportunity to share my testimony with them. I was told that the group had not actually started up again yet. However, student groups on the campus were going to present themselves during the next week and I was invited to come. This opened up for me an uncommon opportunity for me to help CCF present itself and to share the gospel on campus.

This time I came dressed in jeans. I didn’t even ever come to this campus before in jeans even when I was a student over 30 years before. I actually wore a tie then as a student but now I wanted to blend. I used to carry around a blue bag with my books and notebooks on campus.

Later, I used that same bag and other blue bags like it to carry my gospel tracts even when I travelled across the country. People often called me “the man with the blue bag”.

People quickly knew me by this blue bag. I realized this when I was in Chicago as I was in a bathroom stall privately with the door closed while someone came into the men’s room and said, “Hi, Ted.” I said to myself, “I am not getting any privacy anywhere here!” So I said, “OK, how did you know I was in here?” The guy said, “I saw your bag on the floor.” Oh.

For many years now I hadn’t used a bag like this though I had carried one for gospel sharing for a good number of years. Just previously the Lord led me to buy a new bag but this time it’s a black bag. The blue bag, after all, did eventually make me conspicuous. So I loaded up this bag with tracts of mine and kept it ready in the car for the time God prepared, whenever that would be. When I was going back to campus for the day that student groups got to present themselves, I knew this was the time for me to bring out the bag.

Yes, wearing jeans was the best thing for me to do. Although I look younger than I am, still, I was 52 years old at the time. No, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ but it did at first feel a little awkward for me under the circumstances. At first stepping up on the campus like this I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, I am wearing jeans here AND I am carrying a bag like I did in the old days!” This quickly got shut out of my mind for the task at hand.

After tables were set up, I decided to stand in front of the table rather than behind it. I was inviting students approaching the table and told them that the Christian Campus Fellowship would be in the Student Center at Room SCC233 at 2PM on Mondays. I would give them a tract. If they would fill out a survey they would be welcome to take some free material on the table. Many students did this.


I ran out of the gospel tracts that CCF had and used my own. There were growing numbers of students passing by. So, I gave out my tracts. It was growing crowded that day and I ended up giving out all my tracts so I had to go back to my car and get more. Then, I again still ran out of tracts. I could have kept giving out tracts for another half-an-hour yet but I did have the opportunity to give out hundreds of gospel tracts on a day when I could be allowed on campus to do this.

This was not the first time I gave out hundreds of gospel tracts at one time but it was a wonderful opportunity for me to share the gospel with hundreds of students on my old college campus. When I became born-again and attended the college for my last semester, I did talk to a number of students about Jesus, however, in just a couple of hours now I got to share the gospel there more than the time I did when I was a student! It was great! Praise be to God in the name of JESUS!

If you want gospel doors to open up, step forward into something new, different, and bold. God’s Spirit will dwell with you if you do this BEYOND what you normally do. Even miracles can happen but you must step forward beyond the usual. I learned to do this and would find newer ways, times and places to share the good news of Jesus. From this I grew in boldness! If you believe in Jesus, do you now dare to take the step forward?






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