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The dirty little secret of Cessationist ministers

by Theodore Wright.

YES! Despite what they tell you, Cessationist ministers DO hear from God when they pray. Do they know when they are preaching they may actually be prophesying in the Spirit?

OH NO! They will NOT want to tell you this if you are a member of their churches. It is because if they were to tell you this they risk getting voted out of being the church pastor and may perhaps even lose their ministerial license for not following the party lines of their denomination.

How is it that they hear from God? Well, they commonly do faithfully pray to God for a message to share with their congregations. Then, SURPRISE, God gives them a message and tells them what to preach on! Does this actually startle you?

So, how do I know this? Because I have visited a number of Cessationist churches and talked to their pastors. Given the right questions on the topic, they will quietly and privately tell me that they hear from God. Yes, some ministers will not be criticized about this in their churches because their denominations may generally be Cessationist but their local churches aren’t. Their denominations may have some tolerance about such. Yet, there are those that are quite resistant to the Charismatic Movement.

If you ask ministers from the strongly Cessationist churches, they will say something like, “Yes! God does speak to me. IN HIS WORD!” but will not like to speak further about it. Yet, could perhaps, be coaxed into revealing.

These ministers may say something like, “God doesn’t speak to me with His voice but I receive IMPRESSIONS from Him.” If you ask the minister what that is like you may find yourself saying, “I get those too! However, rather than calling them ‘impressions’ I use Biblical terminology to describe it. I call it ‘Hearing the voice of God’.” Jesus did say, after all, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” (John 10:27)

You can hear some very good Spirit-filled messages even in Cessationist churches. You may have to put up with some ridiculous Cessationism preached at times but you may really be given some powerful God-given words. The power of these ministers can get to be that they hear from God but their congregations have not learned to listen for God yet when they read God’s word and pray. This does give these preachers some advantage in their churches to be “the voice of God” for the people while the congregants have not learned to listen for God in prayer themselves.

So how about you? Do you want to listen for and to God? Please be encouraged NOT to fall prey to Cessationism.









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