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Maverick Movement

Jesus Christ: A Maverick

A poem by Joyce Johnson.


“Hate the sin and love the sinner”,
This maverick King of Jews declared.
He was like no king before him,
And none could be to him compared.


“Let he who has not sinned,” he said,
“Cast the first stone, should he so dare.”
And all the guilty parties stayed
Their deadly missiles in midair.


This King had no powerful weapons.
He ruled by purest love alone.
He feared not to touch a leper,
Nor die for our sins to atone.


At betrayal in the garden
He kindly healed the soldier’s ear.
And before it even happened
He had forgiven Peter’s fear.


On the cross, he asked forgiveness
For all of those who caused his death.
Forgiving of the wicked sinners,
Was this maverick with last breath.

















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