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Scriptural Encouragement

Has somebody gone out to lunch?

by Theodore Wright.

People often just go out to have a midday meal elsewhere or said to be somewhere, however,
this could just be an excuse for not being around when you phone needing someone.
Perhaps they are unaware or not attentive to what is currently going on being truly out of touch.

Where are people when they are not around? What are they honestly doing? I have found that in different places excuses politely get made when people are putting off their responsibilities.

Here are a few examples…

1. “Out to lunch.”
Yes, it is true that people do go out of the office for a meal. Yet, sometimes, this is simply an excuse to temporarily put someone off to make themselves briefly unavailable so they can properly prepare themselves with the right response. Yet, the matter could be a bit more serious which you notice when replying something like,“She has been out to lunch for over three hours? When will she be back?”

2. “In meetings all day.”
Really? All day long and unable to phone back during any part of the day? No time to phone back even shortly such as the length of time as going to the latrine? This is commonly said when the responsible person has taken personal time off. Is this happening more than once?

3. “On the beach.”
I remember hearing this in computer consulting. Doesn’t this sound alluring? A computer consultant is said to be “on the beach” when he is in the office but not assigned to any project due to lack of work or other reasons.

4. “Out of the country.”
Now that sounds really unavailable. If the person being phoned is truly out of the country, could they not still be contacted? By the way, which country is he in? Is there no one else filling in during his absence? I have heard this excuse used when the gentleman is actually in rehab.

5. “On Sabbatical.”
This could be said in different ways depending on the industry. I heard this one when I was phoning a certain pastor. I was told by his secretary, “The pastor? Oh, he is away on Sabbatical.”   Upon hearing this, I quickly replied in utter surprise, “Do you mean that he backslid???” I had seriously doubted that this pastor was out for a seventh-year training and could not be contacted at all. No dates for the sabbatical were mentioned. When an excuse is made for an extended leave, this can be a serious sign that something very bad has happened.

Now, how about you? Did you sneak off someplace where others do not know where you went? What is it that you may have shrugged off doing? What is it that you are now perhaps doing instead? What is it that you might have done? If you have done something wrong, then REPENT!

Then He said to him, “A certain man gave a great supper and invited many, and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, ‘Come, for all things are now ready.’ But they all with one accord began to make excuses. – Luke 14:16-18a (NKJV)


Even as Christians, we need to be faithfully attentive to our loving Lord, serving Him at His gentle leading in the matters of our lives.
God forbid that we should go away on a Sabbatical.







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