// Doctrinal Statement of Faith

Maverick Christians may differ somewhat with each other on doctrines that are not basic to salvation. Though this is not a creed, the following statements express the core doctrine of our ministry and the central doctrines of the movement.

We believe in…

The Holy Trinity of God

The virgin birth and incarnate Deity of God’s only-begotten Son Jesus Christ

The blood atonement through Jesus Christ

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ


Eternal security of salvation for all who possess abiding faith in Jesus Christ

The baptism of the Holy Spirit which sanctifies, regenerates, and places believers into the Body of Christ which is His Church

Receiving the Holy Spirit subsequent to a clean heart which empowers the believer for service to God

Gifts of the Holy Spirit as present and active through believers in Jesus Christ which continue throughout the Church age


God’s Word, the Holy Bible, as sole authority for the believer in faith and practice

Water baptism means immersion into water which is to be done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

The resurrection of the dead in Christ with the catching away of the living saints before the great day of the wrath of God

The premillenial Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ 

Eternal life for the righteous and eternal condemnation for the wicked

Answers to questions regarding our beliefs may be found on this website. Comments may be directed to us.




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