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Roman Catholic priest sex scandals censored

We regret the need to mention this topic but enough is enough and there have been far too many victims.
This ungodly world holds to a higher moral standard than the Roman Catholic Church does.


Roman Catholic Church priest sex scandals going on in , or around where you live?
It happened elsewhere but they never thought it would happen in their own local parish.
Search the web yourself for what Roman Catholic scandals have happened in your own area.


If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. – John 8:36


The Roman Catholic Church did not turn willingly but had to submit to the pressure to avoid further public scandal. They could not keep private their dirty secret sex scandals any longer.

For centuries, Roman Catholic priests have had sinful sexual relationships of fornication with women without being married to them and committed acts of homosexuality. The scandal broke public due to the illegal nature of their acts of pedophilia. These “pee-pee touching” Roman Catholic priests continue on and on with these abominations.

You might ask, Does sexual abuse not also happen in Protestant churches?” The answer is “Yes!” However, note the differences. If a Roman Catholic priest is caught committing fornication or homosexuality he can still continue as a Roman Catholic priest as allowed by their hierarchy. Such is not true among Protestants. The disciplinary process among Protestants is not the immediate shift to lead a different church.

If such acts were allowed to continue in Protestant churches in such a permissive way as done in the Roman Catholic Church, such disrepute would scandalize the denomination to where committed Christians would leave it. A Protestant minister caught in a scandal would quickly lose his ministerial license.

However, a Roman Catholic priest, if found as a pedophile, would only be moved to a different parish. Will their parishoners accept this and stay?

Who are the ones who protest this abomination which still goes on?

The ones who object the most regarding the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church is not the Roman Catholic hierarchy, nor the Protestants, but the Roman Catholic people themselves. If a Protestant minister cheated on his wife, such scandal would ruin him to serve as a licensed minister and most likely ruin his marriage as well. For a Roman Catholic priest committing acts of pedophilia they only move him to a new parish unless the scandal becomes so well-known that they cannot. This is not to mention the practice of homosexuality with adults, allowed by law, which they commit.

Publicity of the scandals resulted in the Roman Catholic Church allegedly addressing the issues within their own ranks. Sadly, it has changed nothing. It only is a measure to curb the protests. Sexual scandals still go on while they attempt to prevent negative publicity. Dare you send your children, whether boys or girls, to a Catholic school? God forbid! Roman Catholic priests continue on in sexual sins which their church has hidden for centuries.

Why did such pedophilia become the norm for Roman Catholicism? Could it be that it is a tool for recruiting the next generation to be their priests? The sexual immorality of nuns with priests has a long history. This is not a big issue in the media since such sins are yet legal. Is this really the church you find holy and want to attend? Yes, indeed, think about your kids! Also, think about who you give your money to as well.

The censorship of discussion about the sexual abuse of Roman Catholic priests

In public discussion groups such as Catholic-Protestant discussion groups in Facebook, the more militant Roman Catholics seek to quickly prevent discussions of sexual scandals so that their denomination is not further publicly criticized. They will demand that forum rules will exclude the topic.

The Roman Catholic apologists have their “explanations” how the Spanish Inquisition really did not happen as badly has been told, as they claim, nor how other embarrassing situations for the Church of Rome never allegedly occurred. However, they cannot deny how their priests have been massively sexually abusing little boys worldwide at this current time.

Therefore, such eager, proseltyzing Roman Catholics will seek that discussion on the topic of sex scandals not be allowed in such public forums and actively censor it. Should not rather their priests be stopped from sexually abusing rather than stopping the discussion seeking to prevent it?

The Roman Catholic Church cannot solve this

Legal authorities have sought to prevent sexual abuse by tougher laws to penalize the crimes. This does not work. If, hypothetically, there were laws against heterosexuality it would not stop such people from having such relationships. Heterosexuals would only keep such relationships hidden and secret. The same goes on with sexual abusers of minors. Laws do not change sinful nature.

Neither can the laws of the Roman Catholic Church change someone. A false gospel of salvation by works cannot deliver people from their own sinful nature. The system of “sacramental salvation” in the Roman church is about doing works to receive grace, which is not how grace is received. As it is written in Romans 11:6a, “And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace.

What is needed is for people to place their entire trusting faith in God solely through His Son Jesus Christ for salvation. The Holy Bible clearly says in Romans 5:1, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:” This is how to receive the new nature from God which turns us away from sin to serve Him. As Jesus Christ Himself said, “Ye must be born again”.

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. – Proverbs 28:13 (KJV)

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Documenting the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church
This includes a Database of publicly accused Roman Catholic Priests,
Nuns, Brothers, Deacons, and Seminarians in the United States

(Please note that this is only a list of those who have been caught in the United States of America.)

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This film follows The Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team, the oldest continuously operating newspaper investigative journalist unit in the United States, and its investigation into cases of widespread and systemic child sex abuse in the Boston area by numerous Roman Catholic priests. (2:28)







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