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The “Duck and Cover” Scapulars

Do scapulars really protect you from the flames of Purgatory or Hell?

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. – John 8:36

When there was fear of Atomic war in the 1950s, the public could easily gone into panic if it were not for the “Duck and Cover” policy promoted. Scapulars are Roman Catholicism’s own version of “Duck and Cover”, a feigned hope.

“Duck and Cover” was taught for even children attending public school with films showed about it then. Roman Catholics have their own fear, namely that of Purgatory. Would you find it comfortable to believe that after you die, if you are found faithful in the Roman Catholic Church, that you will burn for centuries in the fires of Purgatory? They teach that these fires are equal to that of Hell. The scapular itself says that it will save you from “eternal torment”. Will this object actually reduce your time burning if you really think you are going to Purgatory? Honestly, do you believe that wearing this thing can save you from the judgment of God despite even your willful sins?

The Roman Catholic Church will not want to tell you about this scapular either since they collect so much money from people paying for indulgences. Still, if some believe in Roman Catholicism, even the fear of Purgatory can freak them out so there exists something that may keep members from leaving. So, the Roman Catholic Church has this old teaching, which is not actually approved and canonized in the Roman Church, but is still yet commonly believed. Scapulars, in fact, actually help nobody.

The scapular of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel” is said, among many Roman Catholics, that “whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire” and even told to grant relief from Purgatory. Would that include “Non-Catholics”, too? Could this lady really be telling the truth from anyone’s perspective? Still, due to the words of this scapular, there are many Roman Catholics who will always wear this scapular even when sleeping or showering.

This scapular encourages a lame excuse for a lack accountability before God. It tosses aside any kind of resemblance to faith in God. It does not save people from the eternal torment of Hell nor does it save anybody from a place which does not actually even exist, called Purgatory.

Although ducking under a desk might save some people from the blinding light of an atomic blast, it would not protect them from the blast itself, bring down the building, nor would it save them from the oncoming radiation. Still, being taught “Duck and Cover” gave them something they could feel they were doing which would distract them from the possible horrible circumstances. There would be no deliverance from the explosion and lethal radiation.

Likewise, scapulars will save nobody from Purgatory because that place does not exist. Neither yet do they save anyone from Hell, nor the “Day of Judgement”, nor even yet the dreaded eternal “Lake of Fire”. No scapular will save you from those. Now you know. O.K., that’s the bad news for many Roman Catholics.

Now for some good news! There is something that really will save you from the flames of Hell and the Lake of Fire… Trusting faith in God solely through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus shed His blood to take the full penalty of your sins on the cross so you wouldn’t have to take the penalty yourself in any flames at all.

Place your trusting faith in Jesus now! Jesus will change your life for the better and turn you away from your sins and will work in your life both to will and to do for His good pleasure. The eternal joys in Heaven will await you.



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